Waterbury, Vermont - Nicholas J. Deml, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of
Corrections, has been appointed as the new chair of the Restrictive Housing Committee. This
committee is responsible for reviewing and developing national best practices related to the use
of restrictive housing in correctional facilities.

Commissioner Deml’s varied and unique professional background enables him to bring new,
innovative perspectives and approaches to this critical policy area in corrections. Deml was
appointed to head the Department of Corrections in November 2021 by Vermont Governor Phil
Scott. He previously served as an intelligence officer at the Central Intelligence Agency, as an
aide on the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, and as an aide to U.S. Senate Assistant
Majority Leader Richard J. Durbin.

Commissioner Deml's solution-oriented leadership style makes him well-suited to lead the
committee's efforts to promote safety and well-being for both incarcerated individuals and staff.
He is a proven thought leader and problem solver, delivering a critical, analytical, and inclusive
approach to corrections challenges and innovations.

“The Restrictive Housing Committee offers a unique opportunity to identify and pursue
contemporary strategies for restrictive housing in correctional facilities,” said Commissioner
Deml of his appointment. “I look forward to collaborating among committee members and
across states to establish restrictive housing best practices to ensure safety and encourage
rehabilitation in correctional facilities.

The Restrictive Housing Committee is comprised of experts in the field of corrections, including
representatives from academia, advocacy organizations, and state and federal agencies. The
committee meets on a regular basis to review policies and practices related to restrictive housing
and make recommendations for improvement.

For more information about the Restrictive Housing Committee please visit our website at
https://cl.memberclicks.net/committees or email us at [email protected]