Deeply held correctional ideals embodied the career of the late Susan M. Hunter, who was Chief of the Prisons Division, National Institute of Corrections for 20 years. She advocated correctional professionalism that requires gender parity among inmates and staff, adequate programs, special considerations for the unique needs of women inmates and those requiring mental health services. She realized and proclaimed that the key to achieving these ideals was thorough training and education of staff. The Susan M. Hunter scholarship honors Susan’s educational ideal by honoring you for your educational goals and efforts. CLA grants you this assistance as a child of a correctional employee. Go forth and strive for the enlightenment and knowledge that will prepare you to contribute to a better world. CLA would like to congratulate all the young men and women who were chosen to receive the 2022 Susan M Hunter scholarship! This year, we had just over 900 applications. Of those, 38 young men and women were chosen to receive scholarship funds in the amount of $1500 each. A scholarship recipient can apply every year after the initial year they are chosen, and as long as they continue to meet all of the requirements (GPA, full-time student, parent still working for or retired from DOC), they are eligible to receive additional scholarship funds. For 2022, 46 previous recipients received additional funds of $1000 each. The scholarship application for 2023 will open on February 1st.