Maryland Department of Public Safety and Corrections

Secretary Carolyn Scruggs 

Carolyn Scruggs was appointed acting secretary of Public Safety and Correctional Services on Jan. 1, and has worked at the agency in various capacities for 27 years, including leading several DPSCS facilities as warden or facility administrator; serving as assistant commissioner of the Division of Pretrial Detention and Services; and serving as deputy commissioner of the Division of Correction.

It is with great pleasure that we extend our warmest congratulations to our new CLA associates! We are proud to welcome Scott Frakes, Rob Carter, Scott Crow, Dean Williams, Trish Coyne-Fague, David Shinn, Tim Ward, and Rob Green to the team. These individuals bring with them a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion, and we are confident that they will make valuable contributions to our organization. This is an exciting time for CLA, and we look forward to the growth and success that our new associates will help us achieve. We wish them all the best as they embark on this new journey with us!

25 Investigates: Exclusive access inside the only Mass. prison unit dedicated to young fathers

"Breaking the cycle, building better fathers. Meet the B.R.A.V.E Unit, the first of its kind in the US, dedicated to young fathers ages 18-26 who are learning life skills, taking parenting classes and working with mentors in a Massachusetts prison. These young dads are not just serving time, but also working towards becoming better men and better fathers. With classes on criminal thinking, violence reduction and emotional coping skills, they're learning to understand the reasons behind their actions and how to be the best fathers they can be. And with a unique family visitation room complete with games and books, they can finally embrace their kids and create lasting memories. Follow #BRAVEUnit to get an exclusive look inside this prison unit and see the transformative power of education and support. #BreakingCycles #BuildingBetterFutures"

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 CLA President Anne Precythe in DC

Thank you to our CLA President Anne Precythe for continuing to promote the profession of Corrections. President Precythe at The White House discussing Workforce Issues, Contraband cellphones, and Reentry.


The staff at the heart of the Missouri corrections culture transformation

Anne Precythe President of the Correctional Leaders Association & Director of the Missouri Department of Corrections, USA Staff is one of the main topics on which Director Precythe has focused her leadership efforts. She and her team are committed to creating a safer workplace, improving employee satisfaction thus, automatically, enhancing the quality of work and outcomes.To this end, the Missouri Department of Corrections is investing in training and valuing the workforce. With this, it will be more and more possible to retain people, interact and intervene better with offenders and truly transform the organizational culture.In this interview, Director Precythe explains her entire vision, talks about recent achievements and challenges, and also gives us an insight into the Correctional Leaders Association, of which she is President.