Eligibility of an Associate Membership shall be limited to individuals who have served at least three years as the person directly responsible for the administration of the correctional institutions or the total correctional system of a state (or the head of the correctional systems of L.A. County (Los Angeles), the District of Columbia, New York City, Philadelphia) the Federal Bureau of Prisons, US Military Correctional Services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines),and any United States territory, possession, and/or commonwealth.  
In order to become an Associate member, an eligible individual shall be sponsored by an active member of the CLA who shall place the eligible individual's name in nomination (and in writing) to the Executive Committee for consideration and action.


Alabama Associates

*Donal Campbell
*Also, Tennessee

Kim Thomas

Jeff Dunn



Alaska Associates

Margaret Pugh

Joseph Schmidt

Nancy Dahlstrom



Arizona Associates

Terry Stewart

Chuck Ryan 

David Shinn



Arkansas Associates

Wendy Kelley

Larry Norris



United States Army Corrections

 Gregory Stroebel



ASCA Associates

Camille Camp

*George Camp (deceased)
*Also, Missouri



California Associates

*Jeffrey Beard
*Also, Pennsylvania

Matt Cate



Colorado Associates

*Rick Raemisch
*Also, Wisconsin

Aristedes Zavaras

Roger Werholtz

Dean Williams



Connecticut Associates

Theresa Lantz

Scott Semple




CLA Associates

Wayne Choinski 


Delaware Associates 





District of Columbia Associates

Quincy Booth

Thomas Faust

Walter Ridley (deceased)

*Odie Washington 
*Also, Illinois 



Federal Bureau of Prisons Associates

Norman Carlson (deceased)

Harley G. Lappin

J. Michael Qunlan



Florida Associates

Louis L. Wainwright

Julie Jones

Mark Inch



Georgia Associates

David Evans

Tim Ward



Hawaii Associates

Ted Sakai

Nolan Espinda



Idaho Associates 

Thomas Beauclair



Illinois Associates 

*Tony Godinez
*Also, Cook County

*John Baldwin
*Also, Iowa



Iowa Associates

*Walter Kautzky
*Also, Colorado



Indiana Associates 

Dave Donahue

Bruce Lemmon

Rob Carter



LA County (CA) Associates

Terri McDonald




Kansas Associates

 Ray Roberts

Roger Werholtz



Kentucky Associates

John D. Rees

LaDonna Thompson




Louisiana Associates 

Richard L. Stalder



Maine Associates



Maryland Associates

*Gary D. Maynard
*Also, Iowa, Oklahoma & South Carolina

Bill Sondervan

Rob Green



 Massachusetts Associates

Larry Dubois

Michael Fair

Michael Maloney

Luis S. Spencer

George Vose



Michigan Associates 

Robert Brown Jr.

Patricia L. Caruso

Perry M. Johnson

*Kenneth McGinnis
*Also, Illinois 



Missouri Associates




Minnesota Associates

Tom Roy



Mississippi Associates

Morris Thigpen

Pelicia Hall



Montana Associates

Mike Ferriter

Reginald Michael



Nebraska Associates

Bob Houston

Scott Frakes



 Nevada Associates

Robert Bayer

Greg Cox

Howard Skolnik 

Jim Dzurenda



New Hampshire Associates

Paul Brodeur

William L. Wrenn



New Jersey Associates

Gary M. Lannigan 

Marcus Hicks 



New Mexico Associates

Joe Williams



New York City Associates

Cynthia Brann

Martin Horn

*Joseph Ponte
*Also, Maine 

*Dora Schriro
*Also, Arizona, Missouri






New York State Associates

Glenn Goord

Brian Fischer

 Anthony (Tony) Annucci



North Carolina Associates

Theodis Beck



North Dakota Associates

Leann Bertsch

Elaine Little



 Ohio Associates
Gary Mohr
Rick Seiter
Reggie Wilkinson



Oklahoma Associates

Larry Fields

Justin Jones



Oregon Associates

Max Williams 



Pennsylvania Associates 

*Martin F. Horn
*Also, New York City

John Wetzel 


Puerto Rico Associates

Erik Rolón



Rhode Island Associates

George A. Vose, Jr.

Ashbel T. Wall, II

Patricia Coyne-Fague



South Carolina Associates

Jon Ozmint



South Dakota Associates

Denny Kaemingk



Tennessee Associates

Derrick D. Schofield

George M. Little

Tony Parker



Utah Associates

Rollin Cook



Texas Associates

Brad Livingston

Wayne Scott



Virginia Associates

*Ron Angelone
*Also, Nevada

*Don Hutto
*Also, Arkansas

*Harold Clarke 
Also, Nebraska, Washington, & Massachusetts



Washington Associates

Steve Sinclair

Bernie Warner

Eldon Vail



West Virginia Associates

Nick Hun



Wisconsin Associates

Edward Wall



Wyoming Associates

Bob Lampert

Judith Uphoff