Kevin Kempf

Kevin K
empf, Executive Director. CLA is the most exclusive correctional association in the world.  Our members lead over 400,000 correctional professionals and 8 million inmates, probationers, and parolees.  Our CLA staff is dedicated to promoting, supporting, and advancing the profession of corrections.  


Katie Scott

Katie Scott, Director of Member Services. 
 Katie Scott coordinates and facilitates research, special events and manages multiple CLA committees. Mrs. Scott works closely with the state research departments to coordinate surveys for CLA members.  She is responsible for monitoring, and execution of the website and the membership database.  Mrs. Scott works in close collaboration and partnership with her team to guarantee member expectations are met or exceeded. 

Stevyn Fogg

Stevyn Fogg, Director of Governance & Strategic Initiatives.  
Stevyn Fogg leads CLA's efforts to expand and maintain the organization's knowledge on evidence-based and best practices in criminal justice, corrections, reentry, and other issues that promotes leadership excellence and professionalism.  She works closely with multiple state, federal, community-based, and philanthropic organizations to advance the goals of CLA.



Derek Howell

Derek Howell, Director of Operations.  
Derek is the Director of Operations for the corporate partnership program and assists with special projects, grant acquisitions, and grant management. Mr. Howell plays a key role in conference planning and is the staff liaison for multiple CLA committees. His focus is on promoting, supporting, and advancing the profession of corrections.


Lacey Marie



 Lacey Marie, Communications and Marketing SpecialistLacey Marie is a highly motivated marketing and outreach specialist with a background in attraction marketing, digital marketing, photography, videography, and storytelling. Known as an influencer, Lacey has mastered the art of captivating and engaging audiences in person and through digital media. Allowing the audience to feel the pain of the tragedy, explore solutions, and celebrate the victory together. She is a TEDx speaker, has been a guest on over 50 youtube talk shows, podcasts, and social media live videos, has written articles for several magazines, spoken at large corporate events and worked with Facebook Blueprint and Google Workspace to help develop strategies. Lacey’s passion is to unlock the story from within, and share it with the world, creating healing and hope.


 CLA Legal Counsel for Association Governance

William R. Lunsford