CLA would like to congratulate this year's Francke and Clements Award Recipients who will be honored later this month at a special awards dinner during our All Directors Symposium in Carlsbad, CA. 


2019 Francke Award Recipient



Congratulations to Alabama DOC Commissioner Jeff Dunn who has been chosen by CLA's Francke Committee to receive the 2019 Francke Award! The Michael Francke Career Achievement Award was created to recognize a member who has given outstanding service to the agency(ies) in which he/she serves. The award honors and memory of former Oregon Corrections Director, Michael Francke, who was slain in the line of duty in 1989. 

"People familiar with the work Commissioner Dunn is doing in Alabama agree that he is the model leader the ADOC needs at this critical time in the Department’s history. A transformational thinker with a vision – inspiring hard work and leading his staff with motivation and encouragement. At a critical juncture in the ADOC’s history, a time many believe to be its lowest point, Commissioner Dunn does not accept defeat but instead embraces all of the erupting challenges as opportunities ... opportunities for a steep and at times treacherous climb that will launch us into the future. 

From the first day he arrived at the Alabama Department of Corrections, Commissioner Dunn has been challenging staff to see things differently, to stop thinking the same way we always have and instead begin to think outside the box. As a man of honor and great integrity, he is just the type of leader the ADOC needed. 

The Commissioner’s passion, support, and dedication is not just invested at the state level but at the national level as well. Everything he does he does with complete and deliberate focus and dedication – earning not only the support and respect of his staff, but also that of people across the State of Alabama, leaders at the highest level of government and in every branch of government, as well as industry leaders across these great United States." - Anne A. Hill, Alabama DOC Chief of Staff

2019 Clements Award Recipients - This year we had a tie! 


We would like to congratulate Virginia DOC Director Harold Clarke and Louisiana DPSC Secretary James Le Blanc who have both been chosen to receive the 2019 Clements Award by CLA's Clements Committee and Executive Committee. The Clements award was created in 2015 to honor the memory of Tom Clements, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections, who was assassinated in the line of duty in March 2013. This award was established to identify CLA members who display innovation and achievement, two of the qualities Clements himself was known for. 


Harold Clarke


"Director Clarke has the longest tenure of any member of CLA, having served as the sitting correctional administrator for over a quarter of a century, with appointments in Nebraska, Washington, Massachusetts, and Virginia. For the past nine years, he has revitalized corrections in the Commonwealth, leading Virginia's achievement of the lowest recidivism rate in the nation three years in a row. Director Clarke emphasizes the use of effective organizational development to create a culture that establishes and supports offender change and re-entry preparation.

Director Clarke defines leadership as not being a spectator's sport, but one that requires active participation, infusing purpose and meaning, His ability to embody the practices of exemplary leadership by modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act, and encouraging the heart, makes him a perfect fit for this award. The corrections profession is fortunate to have such an extraordinary public servant in Harold W. Clarke." - Brian J. Moran, Virginia Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security


James Le Blanc


"Secretary Le Blanc has served the state of Louisiana for over 45 years and has been an integral part of the Cabinet for the past four years. He has proven himself as an innovative leader in corrections and his experience and knowledge has been instrumental in the historic criminal justice reforms that have taken place in Louisiana over the past several years. He is a forward thinker whose vision for public safety in Louisiana includes not only those working in criminal justice, but stakeholders such as the community, crime victims, families of the incarcerated, employers, service providers, and non-profit organizations that all have a stake in a successful justice system." - John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana


"Secretary Le Blanc recently spoke to a new class of recruits for the Division of Probation and Parole.  His remarks sum up his commitment to this career choice:  “This work requires a tremendous commitment, perseverance, and skill.  You have chosen a career that afford you power by position, but always remember that power alone does not equate to success.  This career will require you to balance the power of being a law enforcement officer with the ability to be a leader and a teacher to both those who you have responsibility to supervise and to your co-workers.”  

While it is his vision and mission that is driving the reform in Louisiana, it is his leadership style to promote those who support his vision by encouraging them to be the face of the work that is happening in Louisiana and as a result he is bringing the leadership team with him to each prison to talk about the initiatives they have been challenged to lead.  Secretary Le Blanc is humble in his work, but those of us who work closest to him are not fooled as we know our success is on the foundation that he has laid before us.  

Secretary Le Blanc often says that our job in corrections is to build better lives, not bigger prisons; this vision, mission and demonstration of his support of progressive reform is what makes him an ideal candidate to be recognized by his peers as the 2019 Tom Clements Award recipient." - Angela Whitaker, Executive Management Advisor at Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections


We would like to thank CLA’s Executive Committee and members of the Franke and Clements Committees for their difficult task in selecting this year’s award winners from all of the deserving nominees.  We wish we could recognize all of you. We are so proud of all our Members and everything that each brings to this Association!